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Three Rivers Youth Chorus is the premiere vocal instruction program in Star Valley, teaching youth to sing and perform, and grounding them in sound musical fundamentals of counting and reading music.

The Chorus offers weekly group voice/music lessons from September to June with a master class and group performances each semester – once in January and once in June.

A master class is a class where volunteer students sing solo for the group and are evaluated by the group and by the instructors. They immediately have an opportunity to perform a second time, applying counsel from the group and instructors. It’s an extremely beneficial opportunity for instruction and performance in a low-stress environment.

Students will also learn about music reading and writing as well as presentation and performance.

General Information


Students age 10 through 18 are welcome. There is no limit on the number of students who can participate in this choir.  Each child who registers will be invited to participate.

Cost, Rehearsal Commitment, and Scholarships

A contract signed by parent and student will be due at the first rehearsal. Tuition can be paid in full at that time, or parents can enroll in monthly or semi-annual tuition payments.


Rehearsals will be held each Thursday at the Etna Community Center Conference Room from 6:30 to 7:30pm or 8pm beginning February 1.

In the event that rehearsal falls on a holiday, rehearsal will be cancelled. Otherwise, even if there is no school Friday, rehearsal will be held unless there is an extreme situation for directors. In the event that neither director can run the rehearsal, we will cancel.

Tuition for the spring semester is $100 per student. If multiple children from one family would like to participate, the first two students will need to pay full tuition, and each additional student will receive a $50 discount.  Returning participants receive a half tuition scholarship.

No tuition refunds will be available once students have signed a contract and paid tuition, unless extreme circumstances apply.

Each season, we will issue 8 scholarships at the beginning of the season to the first eight students to enroll. Scholarships will offer a 50% reduced tuition. Scholarship recipients cannot miss more than three rehearsals all season, otherwise the scholarship is forfeited and they must pay the full tuition cost to continue.

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A list of music genres we will draw from for our concert repertoire include: Classical, Jazz, Blues, Bluegrass, Country, Folk, Art Song, Pop, R&B, Rock, Classic Rock, Broadway, Big Band, Soul, Classical Religious, Classical Contemporary, Christian, Black Spiritual, Foreign.

Nearly every number prepared for concert performance by the audition chorus will feature one or more solos and those solos will be distributed among all students who desire to sing a solo in a concert. Some students will be given the opportunity to play instrumentals as well.

How to Sign Up


Three Rivers Youth Chorus is officially open for registration. If you have questions please call or email Janet Erickson at

307-884-3510 or

To begin the enrollment process please review and complete the required contract below and return it to Janet Erickson via email.

Chorus Forms


If your child would like to participate, please download, review and complete the required forms below.

2023-2024 Participant Contract

2023 Fall Semester Calendar

2024 Spring Semester Calendar

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