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Fat Lady Portrait Painting Contest

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Why do we want a Fat Lady Painting?

The Town of Thayne is preparing a magical Harry Potter themed Halloween experience.  The Star Valley Arts Council is thrilled to sponsor a community artist to create a Fat Lady Painting that will be used in the decoration of this event!

Who is the Fat Lady, you may ask?  Read all about her here.

Rules and FAQs

How do artists apply?  Fill out the form at the bottom of this page!  Please us the upload links to attach 3-5 art examples from your portfolio.  (Preferably portraits!)

Who is eligible to apply?  All Star Valley residents age 14 and older are eligible to apply.

Does a certain medium need to be used?  No.  Show us your skill with whatever medium you prefer.

Does the painting need to look exactly like the original?  Also no.  We're open to seeing your creative interpretation of the piece.  However, it does need to be easily recognizable as The Fat Lady Portrait.

According to the Harry Potter movies, there are two versions of the Fat Lady.  Which should artists use a reference?  Please use the Fat Lady reference shown above.

When is the application window?  Applications will be accepted from September 8th until midnight on September 30th.  The winning artist will be chosen and notified by email on October 2nd.

How long will the chosen artist have to complete the painting?  Chosen artist will have from October 2nd until October 27th to complete and submit the painting to the Star Valley Arts Council.

Will the artist need to provide their own supplies?  The Town of Thayne will be providing a 24"x36" canvas panel, a monetary allowance for paint, and a frame.  The Star Valley Arts Council will pay the artist $500 for their work.  A plaque will be mounted next to the painting giving credit to the artist.

If you have any questions, send us an email at:

Artist Application

Please take a moment to fill out the form.  Please also attach 3-5 images of art from your portfolio. 


In the "Notes" section, please describe how you would approach this project.  

  • What medium will you use?

  • Will you try to replicate the original painting as close as possible, or would you like to add your own style to it?  If the latter, please describe or attach images to help us understand your vision.

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Thanks for applying!

This form no longer accepts submissions.

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