Upcoming Events

The Star Valley Halloween Carnival Extravaganza!

Monday October 25th, 5:30pm to 8:30pm
144 Washington St (Lincoln County Fairgrounds), Afton

Our hugely popular Pumpkin Walk is back and better than ever as we team up with the 4H club for the Star Valley Halloween Carnival Extravaganza–a 4H fundraising event that will knock your pumpkin socks off!

This fundraiser will include the 4H Club’s traditional carnival, concessions (including free hot chocolate), the Pumpkin Walk, community Halloween displays, and three very special spook alleys to help SPOOK up your family’s Halloween including the Spooky Woods, The Shack (World’s Smallest Haunted House), and the Zombie Zone!

The Carnival

The 4H carnival is a fun chance for your kids and family to put on their Halloween costumes and play a variety of Halloween games (and win treats!) This event will be held indoors at the south exhibit hall of the fairgrounds.

Carnival doors open at 6pm! Tickets are required to play games, but parents can enter free of charge with their kids.

Those wanting to only participate in the carnival can purchase tickets at the door for $5 for ten tickets.

The Pumpkin Walk

The Pumpkin Walk is where people of all ages and skill levels display their pre-carved pumpkins for the community to enjoy, so we need your help! We’ll string lights through each pumpkin and light ’em up for a truly fun Halloween activity! When we’re done, you can take your pumpkin home.

Carved pumpkins need to be brought to the information booth (east of the fairgrounds) by 5pm, Monday October 25th, to be displayed.

This area does not require a ticket.

Community Halloween Displays

Families, individuals, and businesses from across the valley will take a 10×10 foot space and create their own spooky, fun Halloween display. Come visit and see their handywork and creativity!

This area does not require a ticket.

Spooky Woods

This spook alley will be a perfect area for your littlest boys and ghouls (ages toddler to 10 years old or so). The Spooky Woods will be spooky, but not scary, bringing your kiddos into a fun, interactive Halloween wooded area.

The Shack (The World’s Smallest Haunted House)

The old information booth just east of the fairgrounds will be converted to a 200 square foot world’s smallest haunted house! This will be spooky but certainly scary as well, a great place for bigger kids and adults to come for a scare!

Zombie Zone

The Zombie Zone will be our largest attraction. Our zombies are scary, silly, and fun. You may be terrified or want to hang out with one. We expect to have over 20 zombies to give you a fright! Meet our zombies in the Zombie Zone…if you dare!

What Else?

In addition to bringing your pumpkin to the Pumpkin Walk, community members are invited to decorate assigned 10 feet by 10 feet areas with all sorts of Halloween-themed decorations (NO GORE please). Being a nighttime event, you will need to supply your own lighting. If you’d like to decorate your own area, contact us at starvalleyarts@gmail.com.


Individual and family passes to the Halloween Carnival Extravaganza are available using the link below or at the door on the day of the event.

Individual passes include ten carnival tickets, and family passes include 20 carnival tickets. All ticket holders can gain access to the Spooky Woods, The Shack, and the Zombie Zone. Admission is free to the Pumpkin Walk and to see the community Halloween scenes.

Those wanting to only attend the carnival are welcome to do so for the usual price of $5 for ten carnival tickets.

Tickets to this fundraising event can be purchased at the door or in advance using the button below. Individual passes are $10 and a family passes is $25. Children ages 2 and under do not require a pass.

In case of very inclement weather, the spook alley and other attractions will be held indoors, but we will do our best to keep this event outdoors!

The Heart of Christmas

December 2021, 7pm
Star Valley High School Auditorium

Shantay Clark and the Star Valley Arts Council are pleased to present this beautiful, traditional holiday event!

12 singers–six men, six women–from across Star Valley, joined by a selection of young singers and dancers, will be featured in this two-night event exploring the fun and sacred sides of Christmas music throughout the years. Some special characters, including Frosty the Snowman and the Gingerbread Man, will join us as well!

Come enjoy as we feature a wide variety of locally-grown Star Valley talent in this wonderful holiday event.

This event will also be a holiday fundraiser to help support the Ford Theater and our friends at the Salt River Arts Society. Thanks for your support!

Tickets to this holiday event can be purchased at the door or in advance using the button below (coming soon).