Upcoming Events

The Heart of Christmas

December 2nd and 3rd 2021, 7pm
Star Valley High School Auditorium

The Star Valley Arts Council, Shantay Clark, and the Salt River Arts Society are pleased to present this beautiful holiday performance.

12 singers–six men, six women–from across Star Valley, joined by a selection of young singers and dancers will be featured in this two-night event exploring the fun and sacred sides of Christmas music throughout the years. Some special characters, including Frosty the Snowman and the Gingerbread Man, will join us as well!

Come enjoy as we feature a wide variety of locally-raised Star Valley artistic talent at this wonderful holiday event.

This event will also be a holiday fundraiser to help support the Ford Theater and our friends at the Salt River Arts Society. Thanks for your support!

Tickets to this holiday event can be purchased at the door or in advance using the button below!

BYU Living Legends

January 27th 2022, 7pm
Star Valley High School Auditorium

Celebrating the native cultural heritage of North and South America and the South Pacific, Living Legends presents a vibrant spectacle of energy, music, costume, and dance. 

As they take the stage, talented performers of native descent capture the rhythms of Polynesia, portray the fascinating legends of Native American people, and dazzle the senses with the energy of Latin America. 

Both the lavish attire and the intricate choreography are authentic representations of the showcase cultures.

Tickets to this event can be purchased at the door or in advance using the button below (coming soon)!